Noemi S. Conan

Painter. Tuber. Image Maker.

Exploring life after a nuclear disaster. Feral Femininity. Silvan Domestification. Considering Post-Communism. Theories of Surplus Value. Don’t quote me on the size. Plastic in the woods.

Wilderfrau for the New Millenium. 



Small Works

Capri Sunset Opening. 2021.

These boots are made for walking, not for standing. 100% orange from tomato concentrate, keep it away from the leather, if you stain them I will have your head.
Escapade. Veronica Has Unfinished Business. 2021.

Veronica has a bone to pick and her fingers are very good at separating flesh from it’s origin. Veronica has unfinished business and it isn’t her tax return. 

Diana, 2020.

Hear her call, and don’t peak too early. You won’t like her when she’s angry. You won’t enjoy falling out of favour. For now, you can consider yourself safe. 
For now. 
Ambasadorki. August 2020.

Can we interest you in some of our wares? Try before you buy. Super Angebot. Sale. New! NEW! Stocks never run out here, but they do get tired. Hold my glasses, please.

Smiling is extra and you can’t afford it.
By Way Breakfast. August 2020.

A hearty meal is the most important meal of the day. A busy day calls for a powerful and well balanced meal. And a cigarette is a welcome palette cleanser before a second serving.