Noemi S. Conan

Painter. Tuber. Image Maker.

Exploring life after a nuclear disaster. Feral Femininity. Silvan Domestification. Considering Post-Communism. Theories of Surplus Value. Don’t quote me on the size. Plastic in the woods.

Wilderfrau for the New Millenium. 



Small Works

Precarious- The Ladyboss Series. 2021.

Pulling someone by a bootstrap. Creatig opportunity. This isn’t even my final form, although it is quite Late Stage You-Know-What. Zero Hours, zero f-s, minimum pay- minimum effort. 
The Lookout. 2021.

Keeping an eye out for the girls. Protecting the sacred right to have a break from reality, while also maintaining eye contact with the long arm of the free market. 

The Slacker. 2021.

These boots aren’t made for walking, this body’s not made for working. Can’t argue with economics, but will die trying. 
The Provider. 2021.

Always have a nibble. Nothing tastes good on an empty stomach. 
The Motorist. 2021.

No, you can’t borrow my jacket. No, I’m not offering a ride. And get your own damn cigarettes.