Noemi S. Conan

Painter. Tuber. Image Maker.

Exploring life after a nuclear disaster. Feral Femininity. Silvan Domestification. Considering Post-Communism. Theories of Surplus Value. Don’t quote me on the size. Plastic in the woods.

Wilderfrau for the New Millenium. 



Small Works

Boruta. 2021.

You are infringing on a sacred ritual and better get your atrocious breath out of here before they come. The priestesess have started their debate and the spirits are all but present, not only in the drinking assortement. 
Turning The Other Cheek. 2021.

Like a true patriot, she has one side of the story to tell, and it depends on the winds of history which one it will be. Not constricted by facts and logic, yet still doesn’t care about anybody’s feelings. Don’t keep her waiting, Esmeralda is on at 5 and she doesn’t watch re-runs. 
The Burntisland Four. 2020. 

Smokestack and mackerel, remembering witch girls distracted you from the pentaslugs on the beach.
Marlboros and Chupa Chups

A smack of flavour, the bite of acetone and a deep plum bruise on a warm night. Cigarettes smell like rum and raisin before they really hit you. 
The Little Ones

Haven’t we all wished the little feet running accross the meadow were smaller, quieter and adeqate to the colour palette? It’s all well and grey outside, no need to spoil the holiday cheer. Keep your friends near, your enemies nearer and your lungs- possibly in mint condition. Or mint flavoured. Its your pick.