Noemi S. Conan

Painter. Potato enthusiast. Image Maker.

Exploring life after a nuclear disaster. Feral Femininity. Silvan Domestification. Considering Post-Communism. Theories of Surplus Value. Don’t quote me on the size. Plastic in the woods. Living the contradiction filled life of an Eastern European in the West. 

Wilderfrau for the New Millenium. 



Works on Paper and OTHER


Commisions, collabs and charity work
Komary/ Mosquitoes 2022

Do you hear that high octane, hyper frequency hum, bringig your blood to a curdling boil and causing an itch long before the droplets of poison seep into your body? Its probably one blood-sucker or another... why not grab a beer and have a swim with us to find out more?

Acrylic and Tyskie Beer on Canvas, 130 x 120 cm
Ambush, 2022

We like an all hands on deck kind of approach and maybe you should have thought of your preference settings before wandering off into the night. Our batteries are high on charge, low on juice, but seems like a new snack has just arrived onto love island. 

Acrylic paint and ink on canvas, 180 x 130 cm
Barbara has now seen everything, 2022

Or was it Elzbieta? Regardless- time to close shop, avoid eye contact and pointless conversation and if the mood is right we might all make it out in one piecs, just in time for Panorama.

Acrylic and Spray Paint on canvas, 55 x 55 cm

The burning light is out at night, howling the song of a summer sprite. Come share a cig with sisters three, try not to stare ‘cause one’s a tree.

Just an average man, with an averge personality and an average income, going for a swim with two nice ladies he met in the woods. Nothing out of the ordinary on a night like this. There won’t be much noise either.